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The otoscope is used daily by both doctors and nurses in hospitals and medical centers to investigate the patients' outer ear and mucous membrane for various disorders. An otoscope makes it easy and quick to carry out ear tests without the patient being significantly embarrassed. With an otoscope, you may see inflammation of the outer ear, if the esophagus bulges in or out, or if the esophagus is punctured and if there are any foreign bodies in the ear.

Withus you can find otoscopes in high quality and good prices. MEDshop.dk offers otoscopes of many brands, including Kawe, Heine and Welch Allyn. We have, among other things, otoskoperwith fiber optics that ensure even illumination throughout the field of view and otoscopes with a magnifying glass that can provide a 3-fold magnification of the field of study. For most otoscopes, ear wear is included, but it is also possible to buy extra.

We also have many different kinds of accessories for otoscopes, such as charging stations, table stands, pears, ear straps, storage cases, batteries and more.